Our opportunity


If you research an authentic and reliable society, which allow you to valorize your work in center a team passionate by the constant research of innovated solutions, our visions are made for meet!

RGM offer a large variety of carrier and localization opportunity. You will be able to count you within the 350 employees based in our commercial entity and factory. For more information’s, consult our homepage.

Carrier development
Your carrier development is important. The human scale structure of RGM allow to take in consideration the collaborators in their individualy,while be sufficiently important for offer you many way to mobilize and acquire skills over your process. Our formation and development service offer a large selection of programmes designed to help our collaborators and to acquire the knowledge which prepare them to their sucess in our industry.

The internship


The apprenticeship and the internship are enhanced and we think it’s our duty to make this experience the most rewarding as possible. The interns are in contact with the directors of all our professions and discover the variety of the area of expertise inside the group. Our interns have the opportunity to share between them.

Don’t hesitate to deliver us your CV and your cover letter, while precise the affected site, at