The European specialist in design and forging industrial blades, technical blades and cutting tools

RGM now offer at is partners many knowledge, all issue from the alliance of the four technologys perfectly mastered: hot forging, cutting printing or laser machining and grinding.

Our research department, our tooling fabrication workshop, allows us to design and manufacture all type of blades, for all industrial use: knifes blades, robots blender blades, blades for agricultural machines, blades for tools hand…

Blades for viticulture

Based on hot forging, or cutting sketchs, we are manufacturer of pruners blades or other uses such as wine topper vine.

Blades and shakles for wood and plants

Pruner blades

We manufacture blades and hooks pruners and loppers. The technology of hot forging associated with machining and grinding technology is possible to produce strong and durable sets.

Verge shredders, knives mover

We have specialized and automated two line of forging to manufacture mowers knives or verge mower and shackles shredders and mowers.

Knife blades

We propose to our customers, drafts of forged or cut blades. Our hot forging facilities allow us to develop fully forged blades monobloc "fully forged" with stainless steels such as AISI 4116 martensitic or 4116N. We also realize blades cut by automated tools in presses or LASER.

Blades for industrial machinery equipment, industrial blades manufacturer

We can manufacture complex geometry blades for industrial machines or hand tools, or electro portable.

Cutters blades for for the food industry, leaf vegetable, blades robots

Our grinding facilities and sharpening blades make possible to form a number of complex profiles. we work for designers and manufacturers of industrial machinery or appliances professional customers.

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