• Specialist in aluminum alloy and special steels machining
  • Multi-axis machining for armament, rail, luxury industry, motorcycles accessorys
  • Bar turning

An high-tech park machine

We have modern and efficient machinery production. Our approach of the multi-axis machining allows us to produce complex parts without recovery, where others will be forced to use two or three machines. Qualified process, means modern controls, a trained workforce and ISO certification are the guarantors of the quality and compliance of our productions.


Needs analysis

Human resources, diversity of means of production, a panel of qualified subcontractors and experience of more than 10 years in the mechanics are the garantors of a pertinent analysis of your needs. 

Cost reduction

Our approach to multi-axis output allows a reduction in costs compared to our competitors. Beyond a simple price reduction, cost reduction is a win-win approach between you and us. Force of proposal, we are positioning ourselves as a partner to our customers to provide them with innovative solutions.

Quelques exemples: